What You Need To Know About Field Sobriety Tests

Let’s say that a cop pulls you over. He tells you to step out of your car and perform a few field sobriety tests (FSTs). You do not want to perform the tests, but you are afraid to refuse. What are your rights in this situation?

The criminal defense firm of Craig Williams, Attorney at Law, PLLC, can help you understand your rights when it comes to traffic stops, field sobriety tests and drunk driving charges. Craig Williams, our attorney, can assist you if you refused a field sobriety test or if you took a field sobriety test and failed.

Can I Refuse Breathalyzers, Blood Tests And FSTs?

When you drive a car, you give your implied consent to a Breathalyzer or blood test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). You have the right to refuse a Breathalyzer or blood test, but beware — the court could suspend your license or even give you jail time.

However, there are no consequences for refusing to perform field sobriety tests. Many people fail these tests — even if they are stone-cold sober. Instead, politely decline the FST and request a lawyer.

If You Failed An FST, There Is Still Hope

If you did take a field sobriety test but you did not pass, do not simply give up and accept a DUI charge Craig Williams, Attorney at Law, PLLC, can defend you. We provide strong criminal defense to numerous clients who failed FSTs; some of the defenses we can use include:

  • The police officer did not properly administer the FSTs
  • You were nervous while taking the FSTs
  • You had a medical condition that affected the FSTs
  • You took prescription medication that affected the FSTs
  • The weather or road conditions affected your balance
  • You had alcohol in your system, but it was not over the legal limit

Consult A Lawyer About Field Sobriety Tests

Craig Williams, Attorney at Law, PLLC, can answer any questions you have about FSTs. If you face drunk driving charges, we can represent you and uphold your rights. To schedule a consultation, you can send us an email or call the office at 928-759-0000.