Facing Domestic Violence Charges In The Prescott Area?

There is no doubt that a domestic violence charge is extremely upsetting. After all, the accusation necessarily comes from someone close to you, which feels like a personal and emotional attack. Allegations of domestic violence must be taken seriously, and it is important to remember you have constitutional rights, including the presumption of innocence and the right to remain silent. Exercise those vital rights. Defend yourself.

That is why it is important to call Craig Williams, Attorney at Law, PLLC, in Prescott Valley as soon as possible.

Domestic Violence Defense Is Difficult. You Need The Right Lawyer.

If you are convicted of committing assault or domestic violence, not only could you be sent to prison, you could lose your right to own a firearm, meaning you could lose the ability to hunt or defend your home in the event of a break-in.

Many times, domestic violence allegations can boil down to a he-said, she-said, and a race to the courthouse steps – the first person to call the police is labeled the victim. As your Arizona defense lawyer, Craig Williams will gather all the evidence he can, review the police reports and examine the credibility of the alleged victim and witnesses. If you believe that nothing happened, or what happened was not a criminal offense, or you acted in self-defense, it is important to have a lawyer like Craig on your side. Seek justice. Defend yourself.

Craig Williams knows how to resolve these cases effectively and discretely. Because of his ability to work with prosecutors and judges, he has helped individuals with no prior criminal history seek anger or alcohol counseling as an alternative resolution. If no positive resolution is possible, Craig is an experienced trial lawyer who will zealously advocate for you in a trial.

Remember That You Have The Right To Remain Silent: Exercise It

That means you do not have to talk to police if they show up at your house. Call or send an email to Craig Williams, Attorney at Law, PLLC, first. He will provide you with the high-quality legal defense that you need to have peace of mind because he knows what is at stake for you.