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What inherent defenses are there for allegations of sex crimes?

For people in Prescott Valley and throughout Arizona, facing allegations of sex crimes can drastically effect their lives in a negative way. It can harm their personal life, cause damage to reputation, ruin their professional endeavors and result in an extended jail sentence with limited prospects after they have paid their debt to society. There are many defenses to these charges, but some are explicitly detailed under the law. The charges can be defended against effectively when these circumstances are in place. Having an experienced attorney is essential to that defense.

What if I face allegations of indecent exposure in Arizona?

While it might not fit into the worst possible connotations of sex crimes, those who are charged with indecent exposure in the state will still face a litany of penalties that can negatively affect their life. In fact, it can result in jail time and require them to be on a sex offender registry. In some cases, however, the allegations are unfair. The case might have been an accident of circumstances or some other mistake could have happened that made it appear as if the person was violating the law when there was no malicious intent. Understanding the law for indecent exposure and having a law firm that understands criminal defense is essential to addressing the charges.

Two men face sex crimes after social media interactions with teen

People in Prescott Valley frequently use social media for various activities. Some will use it to try and meet people and engage in a relationship. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it can be difficult to know whether the person with whom an individual is communicating is of legal age to do so. This can result in exchanging photos and getting involved in situations that are illegal and can spark criminal charges. Being accused of cybercrime and sexual misconduct can cause major problems in a person's life and requires a strong legal defense.

What if I am facing an investigation for voyeurism?

Seemingly everyone in Arizona has a smartphone and other devices with advanced photo and video-taking abilities. This can lead to the recording and sharing of whatever the person wants to capture and showing it to others in person or online. As with anything else, this can also take a negative turn into illegality. People who are accused of voyeurism can have their personal life upended with a severe damage to reputation and significant legal consequences.

Statistics on the frequency of false reports of sexual assault

While the news media, quite correctly, will often remind the residents of Prescott Valley, Arizona, about how traumatic it is to be a victim of sexual assault, it is also traumatic to be the victim of a false accusation of rape or sexual misconduct.

Prostitution is illegal in Arizona and will be penalized

Law enforcement officials in Arizona will be on the lookout for those who they think are committing a sex crime. Being labeled a "prostitute" or being accused of patronizing a prostitute can have a serious effect on a person's personal and professional life. Therefore, it is important to know what constitutes the crime of prostitution in Arizona.

When a youthful indiscretion leads to accusations of sex crimes

Sometimes a teenager unintentionally bends the rules without truly understand that what they are doing is illegal. Moreover, teenagers are at a stage where they will start experimenting sexually. The combination of these two things, however, could lead to charges of sex crimes against a teenager.

Arizona Supreme Court issues ruling on sex crimes and bail

Some may argue that sex crimes are some of the most reprehensible crimes a person can commit. For this reason, those accused of committing a sex crime may find that not only is their freedom on the line, but also that the mere accusation has negatively affected their personal life. Sometimes, the evidence against the accused can seem damning, but the accused still deserves his or her constitutional rights upheld. One of these rights is the ability to be released upon posting bail.

Fighting against false allegations of sex crimes in Arizona

The issue of sexual harassment and assault is making headlines more often these days. Unfortunately, some people in Arizona will find themselves falsely accused of a sex crime. This is a serious situation as even false allegations can tarnish a person's reputation in their community. Moreover, sex crimes are aggressively prosecuted. When a person is charged with a sex crime, it may seem like their professional life and personal life are in a tailspin.

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