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Understanding allegations of transmitting underage sexual images

In Arizona and across the U.S., teens are inundated with material that might not be suitable for them at their impressionable age. Peer pressure, not understanding the law and how they can be impacted by long-term consequences by one mistake can cause major problems in a juvenile's life. Sexting and other acts might not seem to be the basis for criminal charges to the juvenile, but if there are allegations of illegality with an underage person, it can be extensively problematic.

Teen charged with underage drinking and driving after crash

Juveniles in Prescott Valley and throughout Yavapai County can find themselves in legal trouble for a variety of reasons. With law enforcement in the area constantly on the lookout for violations such as underage drinking and driving, it is not uncommon for young people to find themselves under arrest and facing the juvenile law system, its consequences and penalties. Because there can be far-ranging implications for convictions when a person was a teenager, it is important to understand what they are up against and have legal assistance in a defense against the allegations.

Arizona teenagers face allegations of vandalism at school

It is unavoidable that Arizona teens will get into mischief. Some of it is harmless. However, there are times when their behavior is against the law and they will face arrest for allegations of having committed juvenile crimes. Although they might not be under the impression that a crime such as vandalism is serious, it can have a negative impact on their lives and must be met with a strong defense to seek an acceptable resolution. For this, having legal assistance is a must.

Arizona teen arrested after alleged dress code violation

School has started up for many across Arizona. While there are school rules to be followed, most students usually abide by them. However, one Arizona teenager was placed under arrest for reportedly violating his school's dress code and becoming disruptive. Specifically, the teen would not take off a blue bandana he was wearing.

There are options to help Arizona teens charged with a crime

Teenagers are still developing into the adults. This means that they may not be able to comprehend the consequences of their actions as they would if they were an adult. Alternatively, they may simply be under the belief that nothing bad could happen to them. Some teenagers may even fall in with the wrong crowd and be subjected to peer pressure. Any of these situations could cause a teenager in Prescott Valley to commit a criminal offense.

When will a teen in Arizona be tried as an adult?

Making mistakes is simply part of growing up. Some mistakes are minor and serve as a good learning experience. However, sometimes a youth makes a bad choice or is simply hanging with the wrong crowd. At times like this, the youth might be accused of committing a crime. Normally, if a youth is between the ages of eight and 18, they will fall under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court. However, there are times when some teenagers in Arizona will be tried as adults.

When is it illegal for a person to purchase alcohol in Arizona?

It is not unusual for teenagers in Arizona to experiment with alcohol. They may wonder what it tastes like and how it will affect them. Some may be urged to drink due to peer pressure, while others may seek out alcohol out of curiosity. However, if a person under the legal drinking age is caught trying to purchase or obtain alcohol by other means, they could find themselves in legal hot water.

Law aims to give young people in Arizona a chance at redemption

It goes without saying that kids make mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes are relatively minor while other times these mistakes have landed the juvenile in legal hot water, where they were punished harshly. However, according to the current federal case law, courts must not sentence juveniles to life in prison without parole. The case that gives us that law is also applicable to juveniles who have previously been sentenced to life in prison for murder. In Arizona, there are 34 juveniles already serving life without parole who will now need to be resentenced. However, it remains to be seen how this law will be logistically applied in future cases.

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