Can a college career suffer due to DUI conviction?

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A DUI conviction serves as a potentially enormous blow to anyone who ends up dealing with one. However, college students and prospective students have more riding on the line than they may expect.

In fact, the entire trajectory of a student’s college path may change due to one single DUI conviction.

Financial impacts

The College Investor holds a strong stance about the negative impact DUI convictions can have on schooling. They go so far as to claim that it can potentially ruin a student’s college career entirely.

Unfortunately, for many, this is not far from the truth. Expulsion is one potential concern, but it actually does not happen too often. This is most common in cases where the DUI infractions also included damage to property or the injury or death of another person.

However, colleges will always dole out a penalty for a student convicted of DUI. Most commonly, they will revoke any financial support they previously provided. This can include everything from awards and scholarships, to discounts on student housing.

In fact, they may bar a student from using on-campus housing at all. This will force the student to rent housing at the price typical for the rest of the city. Since most colleges are located in somewhat expensive areas, this alone can price a student out of attendance entirely.

A change in careers

Of course, it also impacts the things a student can study for. Many fields do not hire people with a DUI on record, including government positions and teaching positions. Thus, a student may have to upend their entire career path and choose another.

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