What is the punishment for theft in Arizona?

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Under Arizona law, the crime of theft occurs by the commission of seven different types of acts that affect the property rights of others. These acts include taking property with the intent to deprive the owner, making misrepresentations to get someone’s property away from them and obtaining services without paying.

The punishment for a theft crime in Arizona depends on how much the loss is to the victim of the theft.

Misdemeanor theft

Misdemeanor theft is where the value of the property or service is $1,000 or less. Punishment for petty theft can include jail time for up to six months. A person convicted of petty theft also faces a possible fine, order of restitution and probation. The government can charge a person with misdemeanor theft for one year from the date of the alleged act.

Felony theft

A conviction for felony theft has much more severe consequences. A crime qualifies for felony theft if the value of the property or service exceeds $1,000. There are multiple classes of felonies depending on the total amount involved in the theft. As the victim’s loss increases, the felony classification changes and has more severe consequences. The punishment ranges from possible probation to 12.5 years in jail, with a required jail sentence for any theft valued at more than $100,000. The government has seven years from the date of the act to charge a perpetrator with felony theft.

Theft is a serious crime in Arizona that can cause a person to face significant consequences if convicted.

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