What are the types of drug crimes in Arizona?

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Drugs are a serious problem for law enforcement and society at large. A criminal drug charge can significantly impact a person’s life.

Arizona law has different classifications depending on the type of drug and makes several acts related to drugs illegal.

Dangerous drugs

In Arizona, any narcotic besides marijuana is a dangerous drug. Under Arizona law, it is a crime to possess or manufacture any dangerous drug. Any drug charge involving a dangerous drug is a felony. Felony drug convictions in Arizona frequently result in significant jail time.

All controlled substances

For any drug, it is illegal to possess the substance with the intent to sell it. The law also forbids the sale of any controlled substance. Under Arizona law, drug trafficking is also a crime. The prosecutor can bring a drug trafficking charge against anyone caught transporting a drug with the intent to sell it.


Arizona allows recreational use of marijuana. Persons can possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow as many as six plants for personal use. Arizona law still forbids the sale of marijuana.

Prescription drugs

Arizona law prohibits the possession of a prescription drug unless you have a lawful prescription for the medication. It is also illegal for a person to obtain prescription drugs using fraud or false pretenses. Prescribers of drugs can face charges for unlawfully administering medications to persons who do not have valid prescriptions.

Problems associated with drug crimes have become more widespread in recent years. Arizona seeks to crack down with harsh penalties for anyone convicted of such a crime.

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