Pregnancy and false domestic violence allegations

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If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, you could have overwhelming anxiety and uncertainty with respect to handling the allegations. Some people find themselves in this position following a fight with their partner or spouse, even if the fight never became physical or they only took measures to protect themselves against a partner’s attack.

Domestic violence cases involving a pregnant woman are especially concerning, and the consequences of these allegations are particularly harsh.

Domestic violence cases involving a pregnant woman

According to the Arizona Legislature, if the court finds that a woman experienced domestic violence during pregnancy, courts will take this factor into account when sentencing, and this could result in an increased sentence. For example, if the person accused of domestic violence was aware that the other party was pregnant when they carried out a felony offense resulting in physical injury, they could face an additional two years.

The future impact of domestic violence during pregnancy

False domestic violence claims that arise during a pregnancy are often particularly concerning for multiple reasons. Such a case could permanently shatter one’s reputation, even if the court finds them innocent at a later point. Moreover, the outcome of this case could have an impact on one’s future relationship with their unborn child. For example, if a married couple gets divorced, domestic violence could have an impact on a custody decision.

It is vital to handle your case with care if you are facing domestic violence allegations. Go over all of the details closely and take a look at the options in front of you.

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