Can you turn around to avoid a DUI checkpoint?

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As temperatures continue to climb in the Grand Canyon State, Arizonans realize summer is just around the corner. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, you and others have plenty of opportunities to enjoy booze. Therefore, you can expect to encounter enhanced DUI enforcement during these 100 days.

State and local patrol officers may set up sobriety checkpoints. At these checkpoints, officers stop a random sample of passing vehicles to determine if drivers have blood alcohol concentrations above Arizona’s 0.08% legal limit.

You can plan to avoid the checkpoint

For checkpoints to pass legal muster, officers must notify drivers of their location. They do so by erecting signs and even posting advance notice online. If you know about the location of a sobriety checkpoint, there is certainly nothing wrong with making plans to avoid it.

You can turn around

Officers may establish a checkpoint in a place that allows for you to make a legal turn. If so, you have the right to turn around to avoid the roadblock. Even though officers should not use your turn against you, they may be looking for other reasons to stop your vehicle. For example, despite your legal U-turn, officers may pull you over for a burned-out taillight or for speeding.

You have rights

According to the Bill of Rights, you have certain rights when you interact with members of law enforcement. A valuable one is your right not to incriminate yourself. Therefore, if you pass through a sobriety checkpoint, it is usually advisable to say as little as possible.

Ultimately, if you are facing DUI charges from an arrest at a checkpoint, it is critical to investigate whether officers may have made some mistake.

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