Is your child facing assault charges?

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When anyone faces assault charges, it holds the possibility of irreversibly changing their future. Of course, when it comes to teens like your child, they have even more to lose. Their endless options and ability to do whatever they want could end at the moment of conviction.

Thus, it is crucial to understand the legal strategies that you can use to protect your child’s future, no matter what the reason for the charges may seem.

Understanding the allegations

Arizona State Legislature lays out different examples of a potential assault. After all, assault can come in different forms, as it simply refers to the act of intentionally putting someone into a position where they have reason to fear for their physical safety. An ex-significant other may make false allegations that your child hit them, for example. Or a former friend might accuse them of assault when the circumstances were not so cut and dried.

First, you must carefully examine the way in which the assault case came to be. No two assault cases look the same. In Arizona, assault can hold the above definition. It can also apply to cases where the perpetrator touched another person while trying to commit injury or even the provocation of an individual or intentionally causing injury even without physical contact.

Get the information you need

Go into detail with your child about everything surrounding the incident in question. Gather as much evidence as possible, not overlooking a single scrap. For example, save messages, screenshot conversations and keep any phone recordings on hand. Try to collect witnesses if possible, too.

Going into a case well-prepared can make all the difference. This is also why you may want to consider professional legal help, as they will know exactly how to lend aid.

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