A close look at domestic violence against men

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While domestic violence remains a concern in Arizona and throughout the U.S., a perception could exist that the problem largely impacts only women. In truth, though, many men also become victims of domestic violence and sexual crimes.

A look at the pervasiveness of domestic violence against men can dispel misconceptions.

Intimate partner violence against men

Information from the Centers for Disease Control suggests that about 25% of men experience some sort of contact violence, often of a sexual nature, at some point during their lifetime. The details of these experiences vary greatly and involve many complex factors.

When discussing violence from intimate partners, the level falls to about 10% of men experiencing problems. Men who encounter this form of aggression report several negative impacts:

  • Fear
  • Safety concerns
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Statistics reveal that men who fall victim to any type of domestic violence tend to do so at a young age, often between 18 to 25 years of age. This holds for both IPV and sexual violence. The perpetrators of the violence usually knew their victims.

Stalking and sexual coercion

The sex of the perpetrator depended in part on the action. In the area of stalking, men reported stalking incidents from other men and women about equally. In the area of sexual coercion, the majority of cases involved female aggressors that the men knew intimately.

When it comes to intimate partner violence, men experienced rape, physical violence and stalking largely from women. Alcohol or drugs sometimes played a role in some incidents of sexual violence. Current information clearly shows that men experience domestic violence incidents regularly.

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