3 careers a DUI charge could jeopardize

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Doctors, nurses, educators, accountants, commercial drivers and others must have a license to practice their specialty. In Arizona, different licensing boards have ways to punish those who received a DUI.

What could happen to your career if the police charged you with a DUI?

1. Doctors

The Arizona Medical Board stipulates that if a doctor receives a DUI charge, they must notify the board within 10 business days. After which, the board will order an assessment to determine if the doctor has an alcohol or substance abuse problem. The assessor may have the doctor enter an inpatient treatment program.

2. Nurses

Nurses also have the responsibility of reporting the DUI charge within 10 days. If the charge does not get reported, the state of Arizona allows the Arizona State Board of Nursing to impose a civil fine in addition to other disciplinary actions.

The nursing board may ask the nurse to enter the Alternative to Discipline Program. If the nurse is not a candidate, the board may impose a sanction, censure or probation.

3. Commercial drivers

Commercial drivers have a higher standard of safety than regular drivers. Because of this, Arizona state law sets the legal limit for driving while under the influence at a 0.04% blood alcohol level. A first-time offense results in a one-year suspension, while a second means a lifetime suspension.

Receiving a DUI charge or becoming convicted cannot only mean losing your license but also ruining your professional reputation. Think about what your future could hold if you get in the car while under the influence.

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