More Details About Marijuana Use in Arizona

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By now most people know that recreational marijuana became legal in Arizona with the approval of Proposition 207. People might not know that restrictions remain in effect in many different areas of usage.

The passage of recreational marijuana use does not allow everyone to use marijuana at any time and anyplace.

Some restrictions concerning usage

KOLD News 13 reports the many instances where marijuana restrictions can result in arrests and legal penalties. As with alcohol, individuals less than 21 years of age do not have the legal right to use marijuana and its derivatives.

Also, the smoking of marijuana for both medical users and recreational users has legal acceptance only in certain locations such as private residences. Openly smoking in public remains illegal and subject to penalty. Medical patients can use marijuana in edible form in a public situation.

Also, driving while under the influence of marijuana puts the driver at risk of fines, a license suspension and probation. In some circumstances, jail time could result. Workplaces also have restrictions that could result in suspensions and even dismissal from employment as well as other negative consequences.

Some restrictions on dispensing

The regulatory framework for marijuana remains a work in progress. Right now, dispensaries can not give out more than 1 ounce of marijuana to recreational users. Furthermore, regulations do not allow selling the drug through delivery services. This method of sales remains illegal until the Arizona Department of Public Health adopts new rules.

Education remains the best protection against improper use of marijuana in Arizona. The legality of recreational marijuana use has multiple dimensions.

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