How do DUI convictions affect your college career?

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Facing any charges related to intoxicated driving can have a lasting impact on your life both in the short and long term. Sometimes, you may feel invulnerable due to your age, especially without a previous history of conviction. But just one wrong move can change everything.

In fact, a single DUI conviction can potentially alter your entire career path, starting with your time in college.

Will you get expelled?

The College Investor takes a look at how DUI convictions may impact your life in college. First, note that it is impossible to “hide” a conviction from your college, as authorities will get into direct contact with them to inform them of your brush with the law.

With that in mind, know that most colleges will choose not to expel you strictly because of a DUI conviction. In cases where this happens, it is often a compounded case in which the DUI charge ends up coupled with another charge, like property damage or injury to another student.

Potential financial impacts

Despite this, colleges have other means of punishing you for a DUI conviction. Most options revolve around their financial support. Many colleges will withdraw any financial aid they previously provided, which can even include revoking prizes won in previous years or scholarships earned up to that point.

They may also ban you from using on-campus housing, forcing you to shell out for off-campus housing instead, which is often hugely expensive especially in urban areas. In the end, you may end up unable to continue affording your education, which can greatly impact career options when moving forward. This alone proves that DUI charges should always get taken seriously.

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