Can a drug conviction make students ineligible for financial aid?

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When your college student uses financial aid to help pay for higher education in Arizona, there are certain things he or she might do that could put an end to this help. Receiving a drug conviction is one such action, because any type of drug offense may impact his or her eligibility for this type of government assistance.

According to Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, your child stands to become ineligible for financial aid following a drug offense for a year, two years or even longer. Exactly how long your college student might lose aid is going to depend on the severity and nature of the drug violation, among other variables.

Why timing matters

For a drug offense to make your son or daughter ineligible for financial aid, authorities must have placed your son or daughter under arrest during a period when he or she was actively using aid. In other words, arrests made during the summer months should not affect financial aid eligibility unless your student used aid to pay for summer classes.

How to regain financial aid eligibility

Your child may be able to start using financial aid without waiting the full ineligibility period by either passing two random drug tests or completing a certain type of drug rehabilitation program. He or she must take the tests or complete a program administered by an approved provider for these efforts to impact financial aid eligibility.

Once your college student takes the necessary steps to become eligible for financial aid again, it is your family’s responsibility to let the local financial aid office know that he or she has done so.

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