Consistent support can make a difference for delinquent juveniles

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Once accused of a crime in Arizona, the risk of reoffending climbs for juveniles who lack adequate support and encouragement. Even though a delinquent juvenile may face serious criminal charges, failing to recognize the need for medical treatment and emotional support can have detrimental effects. 

Minors that receive consistent help that corresponds to their unique circumstances and individual needs can more effectively overcome their challenges. If leveraged the right way, emotional support can provide sustainable encouragement as delinquent juveniles work through the legal system and onto a brighter future. 

Assessing overall health

Juveniles arrive at detention facilities facing all kinds of challenges including physical impairments and emotional distress. According to the Arizona Judicial Branch, immediately upon admission to a juvenile facility, minors will receive a health assessment. Licensed medical professionals will administer tests to identify the following: 

  • Suicide risk level 
  • Signs of maltreatment or abuse 
  • Health problems 
  • Mental illness 
  • Medication needs 
  • Behavioral challenges 

Recommending treatment options

Outside of routine medical care, juveniles may also receive mental health treatment while living in a detention facility. The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections suggests that therapeutic intervention in a controlled setting can help delinquent minors learn and establish healthier habits. Consistent counseling can address distorted thinking and help minors identify productive ways of handling emotional stress without resorting to destructive behaviors. 

When juveniles have the opportunity to address their mental health needs rather than continuing to suffer while detained, they can begin healing before it is too late. With the encouragement of family and friends, juveniles who participate in interventions can apply their new skills and live a productive and successful life. 

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