Arizona marijuana law now that recreational use is legal

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Since the approval of Proposition 207, Arizona joins the ranks of states legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. With it comes a lot of changes the average citizen should know.

Possession laws change with this legalization but they do not all vanish. As the Arizona Department of Revenue reports, the approval allows the Smart and Safe Arizona Act to govern the adult use, regulation and taxation of marijuana.

Seed to sale regulation

Though its recreational use is now legal, the regulatory process that governs the production of marijuana products may likely follow Arizona’s current medicinal marijuana growth regulations or mimic other states. Licensed growers keep every plant meticulously inventoried and must track each one from planting to harvesting to its sale from one licensed facility to another, but not to customers unless their license allows it. Only dispensaries may sell to customers.

Those residents found with an excessive amount of marijuana may still face felony charges.

New marijuana penalties

According to NORML, Arizona possession allows for adults to possess up to 1 oz in public with zero penalty. Residents may even grow up to five plants in their homes for non-commercial purposes. Adults may transfer or gift up to 1 oz to another adult. Possession over 1 oz and up to 2.5 oz is a petty offense with a maximum fine of $300. More than that is still a felony with jail times of up three years and a maximum fine of $150,000.

Sale is still illegal by any unlicensed person and selling less than two pounds is a felony with the same maximums. Sale of more merits even more jail time and fines.

It is the responsibility of each Arizona resident to keep an eye on this new legislation as it evolves so that they may use recreational marijuana safely and legally.

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