When your teen is charged with assault

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Assault charges are very serious and if your teen is facing these allegations, it is vital to carefully go over their options and do everything you can to protect their future. Sometimes, teens face serious repercussions over false allegations or incidents that are blown out of proportion, whether a former friend accuses them of assault or an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend wrongly claims that they were assaulted.

For parents and teens struggling with an assault case, the emotional impact is often devastating (stress, depression, etc.). However, you need to set aside your feelings and understand legal strategies to safeguard your child’s rights.

Looking at ways in which assault charges surface

Every assault case is unique, whether someone is accused of assault while trying to defend themselves during an altercation or someone is falsely accused of sexual assault even though the encounter was consensual. According to the Arizona Legislature, there are a number of examples of assault, such as touching someone else while trying to injure or even provoke the individual or knowingly causing someone else to sustain a physical injury.

Looking at how you can protect your child’s future

If your teen is facing assault allegations, you need to go over every detail surrounding the incident(s) and do what you can to gather evidence. For example, even seemingly minor details can have a major impact on how a case plays out in court. Parents who are able to help their teen gather relevant messages (such as texts) and find the support of eyewitnesses are sometimes able to help their teen fight the charges and obtain a more favorable outcome.

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