Your criminal record and your new job search

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Many people in Arizona live life with a criminal mark on their record. These realities may stem from minor indiscretions to more substantial events, yet they should not preclude a person’s ability to move forward positively and create a good life.

When it comes time to look for a new job, candidates with criminal histories should understand how their background may impact their job search.

Background checks and the employer view

Conducting a background check prior to finalizing a new hire has become commonplace for many companies. However, as Monster.com explains, more and more employers today recognize the value that a person with a criminal record may offer to a role and a company. This realization opens more doors for a person with a conviction on his or her record.

Disclosing a criminal past to a potential employer

The thought of telling a potential employer about a criminal conviction may understandably make a person cringe at first. The benefit of proactively and honestly discussing an experience may offer great opportunity to a job seeker. According to Glassdoor, a job candidate may not wish to disclose criminal information on an initial application or a resume but should consider doing so prior to the employer discovering it through a background check or other means.

Discussions about a criminal experience should center around what the job seeker learned rather than on the specifics of the event or case. This allows the job candidate to focus on the positive outcomes and provide the employer with confidence that the person is trustworthy and may prove to be a useful employee.

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