DUI charges as an older adult

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Some people think of a twenty-something when they envision the type of person who faces DUI charges, but it is important to remember that drivers of different ages face these allegations. If you are an older adult, or you have an elderly parent or spouse who is facing drunk driving charges, there are a number of unique considerations related to this case and the potential impact of these charges.

From false allegations of drunk driving to legal strategies that protect your future, understanding your rights is very important.

The penalties that come with DUI charges

Regardless of a driver’s age, allegations of operating a vehicle while under the influence carry harsh penalties and DUI cases often disrupt one’s life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 1 million drivers were apprehended for drunk driving during 2016. Losing your driving privileges, paying costly fines and even spending time behind bars is a reality for many older adults in this position. Moreover, some older adults are more likely to fail sobriety tests even though their blood alcohol content level is not over the legal limit.

The consequences of drunk driving charges later in life

Aside from penalties imposed in court, other hardships often arise for older drivers charged with DUI. For example, some people sustain serious damage to their reputation and lose their good standing in the community. In fact, some people lose lifelong friends and even their marital partner as a result of a DUI. In certain instances, such as those running for a government position in the local community, a DUI case completely derails their dreams. It is paramount to go over all of your legal options in the wake of DUI charges.

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