A primer on Arizona DUI penalties

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Arizona takes a strong stance when it comes to impaired driving. A driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs offense may result in a person losing the right to drive, spending time in jail and more.

The presence of prior DUI offenses, a person’s blood alcohol content at the time of arrest and more may contribute to the ultimate penalties in a case.

Arizona’s implied consent law

As explained by the Arizona Department of Transportation, by accepting a driver’s license in Arizona, a person essentially promises to take a breath test when requested by a law enforcement officer. This is called implied consent.

A person who breaks the implied consent law by refusing to take a breath test may immediately lose their driving privileges for one year. The suspension may last for two years if a previous DUI offense within seven years exists on the driver’s record.

Jail time for DUI charges

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a driver may need to spend time in jail even if no prior DUI offenses exist on the person’s record.

License suspensions and ignition interlock devices

In Arizona, every driver convicted of a driving under the influence charge may experience a driver’s license suspension or revocation. Some people may reinstate their driving privileges by installing and using ignition interlock devices.

A driver who must use an IID must pay for all costs associated with the IID. These costs may include installation, monthly leasing fees, regular calibrations and removal of the IID when the time comes. The IID costs add onto court fees and other expenses related to the DUI.

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