DUI cases involving motorcyclists

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When it comes to drunk driving cases, each is unique and a host of factors affect the consequences that a driver or motorcyclist faces. For example, if someone is seriously injured or killed in the accident, this often plays a role in the penalties that one faces as well as the emotional toll of the situation. In this post, we will review different issues that affect DUI cases when motorcyclists are involved. 

Striking a motorcyclist 

When a driver is charged with DUI after colliding with a motorcyclist, they often face harsher penalties because of the higher likelihood of a motorcyclist sustaining injuries. To make things worse, it is often more difficult for drivers to see motorcyclists, especially at night when many people are behind the wheel after drinking. Unfortunately, many DUI cases involving motorcyclists are especially serious. 

Riding a motorcycle while intoxicated 

Those charged with riding a motorcycle while drunk also face tough penalties. The inability to ride a motorcycle for a period of time, financial penalties, time behind bars and other consequences are a reality for many motorcyclists who find themselves in this position. Some people think that riding a motorcycle while drunk is less serious, but the consequences are just as devastating. 

Whether you are facing charges after riding a motorcycle while under the influence or you were involved in a drunk driving crash involving a motorcyclist, it is imperative to focus on your legal options. Our law firm covers many aspects of DUI cases and we strive to provide those who are facing charges with a clear understanding of strategies to improve the outcome of their case. 

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