Fatal Arizona crash leads to teenager’s DUI arrest

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Three people have sustained injuries and two people are dead following a single-vehicle crash on a roadway in southern Arizona. Authorities have charged the 17-year-old driver with driving under the influence as well as several other serious criminal offenses.

The trouble allegedly began when the driver reportedly failed to yield at an intersection. Authorities made an attempt to pull the driver over. In response, the driver allegedly fled the scene. Shortly thereafter, the crash occurred. Following the accident, authorities arrested the driver on charges of DUI, unlawful flight from law enforcement and criminal damage, as well as two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of first-degree murder.

Authorities have not released the identities of anyone involved in the crash. They confirm that three people sustained injuries but have released no information as to their nature or severity. It is unclear whether the driver is one of those hurt in the crash or whether any of the injured went to the hospital or received medical treatment at the scene. No information is available about the two people who died.

Because the driver is 17 years old, Arizona law gives prosecutors the discretion to transfer the case to criminal court rather than trying it in juvenile court. At this time, it is unknown whether prosecutors intend to try the driver as an adult.

Nevertheless, the types of criminal charges that the driver faces can result in very severe penalties with lifelong consequences. Those similarly charged with offenses related to alleged drunk driving may wish to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in DUI defense.

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