Can my child’s juvenile offense be set aside?

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Your child may have had brushes with the law as a teenager. But their offense may have been an isolated incident, and they’ve since turned their life around. They may have received the help they needed and are ready to move beyond the past. If your child is now 18, you – or they – may have interest in having their conviction set aside.

Many juvenile offenses qualify for set aside in Arizona. But some others may stay on your child’s record. You’re likely curious whether your child’s offense qualifies. You can keep these guidelines in mind to determine its eligibility.

The number of offenses

By Arizona law, if your child has completed their mandated treatment or probation, they can have convictions set aside once they turn 18. But your child may have offended again or is facing current criminal charges. In these cases, your child’s convictions can be set aside if they receive no further charges between now and their 25th birthday.

The type of offense

The odds of your child’s conviction being set aside also depends on the type of offense they committed. Most offenders can go about this without great challenge. But people convicted of certain offenses – like assault or an underage DUI – cannot have these set aside. But their other convictions could still qualify for removal from public documents.

Your child may voice that they want their conviction set aside. But you might still have concerns about how the process will turn out. Working with a criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your child’s options for moving forward.

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