Officer arrested in Fort McDowell domestic dispute

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Criminal accusations can bring with them heavy consequences. Those who face them in Prescott Valley may find some of the consequences to be immediate (even prior to having the chance to argue their cases in court), while others may come after criminal proceedings have played out. Yet the point to be demonstrated here is that one accused of a crime often has to deal with repercussions outside of the criminal justice system. Often, people may be willing to mete out such repercussions regardless of the outcome of a criminal case. It is for this reason that those facing criminal allegations need to be afforded the chance to have their cases heard. 

A former police officer for the Fort McDowell Tribal Police is currently facing such repercussions after having been arrested on domestic violence charges. Authorities responded to a call at his home to fund his wife claiming that he had pinned her to the floor during an argument and placed his knee against her jaw and throat, restricting her ability to breathe. A subsequent examination revealed that she did indeed sustain some injuries. The officer admitted that there had been an altercation, but claimed that she sustained her injuries from falling against the dresser and that he only climbed on top of her in order to restrain her so he could leave. 

Since his arrest, the man has resigned his position with the police department. He is now facing a potential felony conviction and could lose his ability to ever again work as a law enforcement officer in the state. With all of this on the line in this case and others like it, it is vital that criminal defendants be afforded the fair opportunity to present their cases. A criminal defense attorney might help ensure that happens. 

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