For some, drug court an alternative to incarceration

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An Arizona drug conviction can bring with it significant penalties, and depending on circumstances, you may have to spend some amount of time behind bars as a result of your drug crime. Craig Williams, Attorney at Law, PLLC, understands that, in some instances, drug offenders who are not violent may be able to enroll in an Arizona drug court, instead of serving time in jail. While not all drug offenders are eligible or appropriate for drug court, many who are find that their participation in the program helps them make serious changes in their lives that have positive impacts on their futures and families. 

Per the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, more than 20 million Americans currently suffer from a substance abuse problem, and many of these addicts wind up in jail, as opposed to in a substance abuse treatment facility. Treatment courts, however, have proven, positive effects on today’s drug offenders, and they do so by combining accountability with a holistic approach that goes beyond treating the addiction, itself. 

Just how much of an impact can treatment courts have on you? For starters, research shows that drug courts have substantially higher completion rates than other forms of intervention. Nationally, almost 60% of drug court participants end up completing the program, which is about two-thirds higher than the number of people who successfully make it through probationary periods. 

Furthermore, participating in drug court can save your community money. Research shows that drug courts lead to benefits of as much as $6,208 per participant when compared with the costs of traditional criminal justice system processing. You can find more about drug charges on our webpage. 

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