Report: Arizona has nation’s 12th highest juvenile arrest rate

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No parent wants to get a phone call from police to tell them that their child has been arrested. But those calls are happening frequently here in Prescott Valley and across Arizona.

According to data from the federal Department of Justice, our state has the 12th highest juvenile arrest rate in the nation.

A home security company analyzed data released by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and compiled a list of states with high and low juvenile arrest rates. (The data used is from 2017, the most recent available.)

According to Frontpoint Security, the state with the lowest juvenile arrest rate is West Virginia, with an arrest rate of 151 per 100,000 youth. At the other end of the spectrum is Louisiana, with its 1,173 arrests per 100,000 youngsters, a rate nearly eight times larger than West Virginia’s.

According to the report, Arizona had 666 juveniles arrested on larceny charges, with another 455 arrested on drug-related accusations. Another 102 were charged with assault, with 66 taken into custody for robbery and an additional 38 charged with weapons violations.

The good news is that Frontpoint says that juvenile arrests are trending downward across the U.S. and that “in U.S. juvenile courts handled the fewest number of cases since the mid-1970s.”

Unfortunately, the report did not break down the numbers to include arrests for underage DUI, property crimes (theft, shoplifting, trespassing) and sex crime allegations such as statutory rape.

Of course, when your child is arrested, it is a serious matter no matter what the charges might be. Contact a Prescott Valley attorney experienced in juvenile defense to protect your child’s rights and future.

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