Arizona teacher facing sex crimes charges

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According to a news report, a 43-year-old Arizona teacher who was arrested earlier this year on sex offense allegations has been taken into custody by law enforcement officials again. The teacher works about an hour and a half south of Prescott Valley in the Peoria Unified School District.

Though the report did not state the allegations in his most recent arrest, it is known that back in May he was charged with sex offenses that include five counts of molestation and one count of sexual abuse.

According to a TV station’s report, the man was arrested on May 7 after the principal of the Peoria school where he works notified police that he was suspected of “inappropriately touching students.”

Law enforcement officials said that an investigation showed that the teacher “may have inappropriately touched three fifth-grade female students at the school.”

Police said that earlier this year, an 11-year-old claimed that the teacher pulled up her dress while she was sitting at his desk and that he then touched her. Another student alleged that he called her to his desk, unbuttoned her pants and touched her. A third said the man reached into her bra several times.

No one needs to be told how serious these allegations are, or that they threaten not only his career but his freedom as well. If convicted, he faces possible punishments that include significant time in an Arizona prison, lifetime sex offender registration, probation and fines.

All those in similar situations have the right to be silent. They should exercise that right and then immediately contact an attorney experienced in effective sex crimes defense.

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