Man faces multiple offenses, including car theft and DUI

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When a person is arrested on drunk driving charges in Arizona, there are often other incidents involved in the situation that can raise the level of charges significantly, along with the possible consequences. If, for example, there was a car theft and an auto accident, the driver will be confronted with more substantial charges than he or she would if it was a simple drunk driving case. For people who are dealing with multiple offenses including DUI, it is imperative to have a sound strategy to achieve a comprehensive defense when seeking a reasonable resolution.

According to recent reports, a 26-year-old man was arrested on several charges after crashing a vehicle into a home. Law enforcement officials were called at around 9:30 p.m. after there was an accident reported. The investigation showed that the driver was in a vehicle that was just reported stolen. The vehicle, a 2006 gray Ford, reportedly belongs to the man’s stepfather. The driver missed his turn and crashed into the home. It hit a 65-year-old woman who was sitting in the living room. She was taken to the hospital and her ribs were believed to have been broken. She is expected to survive.

The man backed the vehicle out of the residence and left it on the street. He was found a short distance away after he had collapsed. He was taken to the hospital and later arrested. His injuries were not serious. The man will face charges of theft, assault-aggravated injury, DUI and more. The investigation is continuing.

When dealing with a litany of criminal allegations and DUI, it is critical to understand the stakes. For a person who is younger, their lives can be radically changed if they are convicted on the worst violations. Perhaps it is possible to come to a plea agreement to reduce or drop some of the charges. This is especially important when a person was injured in the DUI crash. Since there can be jail time if there is a conviction, as well as other penalties, such as the loss of driving privileges, understanding options when it comes to DUI charges is imperative.

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