Traffic stop leads to arrest for methamphetamine

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For drivers in Prescott Valley, it is important to remember that law enforcement is intently seeking people who are violating the law. This can include those who are allegedly carrying significant amounts of drugs. Methamphetamine is a continuing problem in Arizona and across the nation. It is not unusual for there to be a traffic stop trying to find drivers who are violating the state’s drug laws with methamphetamine. Even when there is a traffic stop and the officer makes an arrest for drugs, there remain viable strategies to craft a strong defense against the charges.

According to recent reports, two men were arrested after a traffic stop and now face drug charges. The incident occurred in the morning shortly after 10 a.m. The vehicle had California license plates. There were two men in the vehicle, ages 26 and 23. They did not have identification. The 26-year-old was driving and officers asked him for permission to conduct a search of the vehicle. He said yes. In the vehicle, they reportedly found crystal residue. The vehicle was brought to police headquarters and bundles of what allegedly turned out to be methamphetamine were found. Overall, law enforcement officials found more than 50 pounds of it. The men were arrested on numerous charges, including two class 2 drug felonies and a class 6 felony for drugs.

Being arrested for drugs can have serious consequences if there is a conviction. Because drugs are treated as such a serious societal problem, law enforcement and prosecutors want to make sure people understand that they will be confronted with extended jail sentences, significant fines and more. While it might seem difficult to formulate a successful defense after being arrested on drug offenses, there are ways to do that and potentially reduce the charges or gain an outright acquittal. The traffic stop could have been conducted in a way that violated the person’s rights or the search could be called into question, along with any evidence gleaned from it.

When there is an arrest for large quantities of methamphetamine, those who are dealing with these charges should know how severe the penalties for a conviction are, especially with felony drug charges.

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