Drug offenses and forgery alleged against Arizona couple

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For Arizona residents who are arrested on drug offenses, there are often other charges involved in the case as well. These can be in a completely different category of charges. Combined, the litany of allegations and penalties can result in serious consequences if there is a conviction.

According to recent reports, a 31-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman were arrested on several charges related to drugs and forgery. The arrest was made when law enforcement officials were called to investigate reports that the woman offered drugs if someone would drive her to Prescott Valley. It was around 9 p.m. The woman allegedly provided a fake name. Law enforcement officials found out her real name. A witness informed law enforcement that the woman had offered ecstasy to get a ride. She did not allow law enforcement officials to look in her backpack even after they asked permission. Because she reportedly lied about her identity and had been legally detained, her bag was searched. Drugs, including marijuana, methamphetamine and pills were allegedly found. She also reportedly had drug paraphernalia. There were other warrants for her arrest unrelated to this incident.

She informed them that she was worried about the man who was in a vehicle close to the scene. Officers checked on him and asked if they could search the car. He said no. A K9 was brought to the scene and methamphetamine and GHB were allegedly found. They also found baggies. Along with the drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, they discovered forged driver licenses in different names with the man’s photo, blank credit cards and a card scanner. The couple was placed under arrest for multiple offenses.

Just because there are several charges involved in a case does not automatically imply guilt. A plea bargain might be possible to reduce or dismiss some of the charges. Drug issues could result in the possibility of treatment in lieu of incarceration when it comes to drug charges.

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