5 ways to prevent your teenager from drinking

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If you have teenagers, you probably spend a good amount of time worrying. More than likely, you worry about other drivers in Prescott Valley every time your children back out of the driveway. Are they going to be safe? Are they keeping their grades up in school? And the big one, are they avoiding peer pressure to take drugs or drink alcohol?

While there is no way to know for sure that your child is not giving in to the temptation to drink at parties, there are some things you can do that will reduce the likelihood. Here are a few ways to prevent underage drinking in your family.

Provide support

One of the most important things you can give your teenagers is support. Help them to build up self-esteem. Confidence is a strong tool to have against peer pressure. In addition, make your expectations clear and do what you can to help your children live up to them.

Know what your teenage kids are up to

Stay active in your teenagers’ lives. Pay attention to what they are doing, whom they hang out with and where they spend time. It is possible to supervise your childrens’ after-school and weekend recreational activities without being overbearing or making them feel like you are trying to control every aspect of their lives.

Through some carefully arranged controlled freedom, you can rest easy knowing your teenagers are acting safely and responsibility without pushing them over the line into all out rebellion.

Have clear rules and enforce the consequences

You might already have a curfew for your teenagers, but if they are violating it and you are not enforcing any consequences, then this rule along with any others become meaningless. When it comes to underage drinking, you might consider a rule where they should leave parties where other kids are drinking alcohol.

Also, establish a rule that if there is alcohol, they should not get in the car with someone who has been drinking or get behind the wheel themselves if they have consumed alcohol. However, you have to balance this with making them feel comfortable calling you or another trusted adult for a safe ride if they end up making a poor choice.

Be an example

When establishing certain rules pertaining to drinking, you will have to do your best to set an example. For instance, if you drink, do so moderately and never get behind the wheel. In addition, do not provide minors with alcohol, even if they will be staying the night at your home.

By following the above tips, you can help prevent your teenagers from drinking alcohol and making other bad decisions. Not only is underage drinking dangerous, it is illegal. If your child is caught with alcohol and receives a minor in possession (MIP) charge or driving under the influence (DUI), keep in mind that they still have rights. You can help them fight back against the charges and avoid the damage a criminal conviction can cause.

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