When will drug offenses be labeled “serious” under Arizona law?

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People who are unfamiliar with Arizona drug law might classify all offenses in the same general category. However, when there is an arrest, there is a significant difference between low-level offenses such as possessing a small amount of marijuana and serious offenses that can involve drug sale, drug trafficking and drug distribution in massive amounts. The sentencing for a conviction will also differ. For those who are arrested on drug offenses and labeled a serious drug offender, having a strong legal defense is critical.

A person who is at least 18-years-old or someone under 18 who was tried as an adult and received a conviction for serious drug offenses while there was an ongoing series of events related to drugs with it being a significant source of his or her income will face life imprisonment. There can be no suspended sentence. The person cannot be placed on probation. He or she cannot be pardoned. And there will be no release from incarceration until 25 years have been served or there was a commutation of the sentence.

The same is true for those who were organizing, managing, directing, supervising or financing the network. There must be three criminal acts with the same goals, results, people involved, victims or ways they were committed for it to be applicable under this law. When considering whether the threshold for “significant source of income” is met, the amount must be more than $25,000 in a calendar year without referring to setoffs, reductions or exceptions. These offenses are linked to drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and other scheduled narcotics. It is also related to precursors and amounts that reac the level of felony.

For people who are arrested on drug offenses with the offenses labeled “serious,” the penalties are harsh and can have a negative impact on the entire life of that individual and his or her family. Before thinking that the case is over and there is no strategy available for an effective defense, it is imperative to discuss the case with a lawyer who is experienced in assisting people who are dealing with these charges. It is possible that a plea bargain can be reached or other methods to reduce the charges can be utilized. There might not be sufficient evidence for a conviction. Calling for legal help when arrested for drug charges is the first step to craft that defense and combat the allegations.

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