Help with set asides in Arizona

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Set Asides | 0 comments

When there is an arrest and a conviction in Prescott Valley and across Arizona, it is not simply the case itself that can have a negative impact on a person’s life. There are other issues that can hinder a person long after he or she has paid the debt to society. Having a criminal record can prevent the person from getting certain jobs, being admitted to the school or the military and much more. People are frequently unaware that they have options to have a record clear of convictions so they will be judged on their merits rather than mistakes they might have made in the past.

A viable alternative for many people is to receive a “set aside.” A set aside is an expungement. It clears the person’s record. While the set aside does not eliminate the arrest from the person’s record, it will simply say that there was no conviction. This is beneficial when the crime was low-level, like a traffic offense or a misdemeanor. It is even possible for people who have been convicted of certain felonies.

For those who are considering a set aside, there are important facts to remember. It will not include crimes of a sexual nature in which a victim was younger than 15, nor will it include a crime which it was a dangerous offense.

After an arrest and conviction, it is a natural belief that it will be on the person’s record forever. In some cases, that is true. In others, it is not, as they can have their criminal record cleared of the conviction and honestly tell a prospective employer, a school administrator or a military recruiter that they do not have a criminal conviction in their past due to set asides.

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