Teen charged with underage drinking and driving after crash

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Juveniles in Prescott Valley and throughout Yavapai County can find themselves in legal trouble for a variety of reasons. With law enforcement in the area constantly on the lookout for violations such as underage drinking and driving, it is not uncommon for young people to find themselves under arrest and facing the juvenile law system, its consequences and penalties. Because there can be far-ranging implications for convictions when a person was a teenager, it is important to understand what they are up against and have legal assistance in a defense against the allegations.

A 17-year-old male is facing DUI charges after a single vehicle accident. The black vehicle rolled over in the early-morning hours at approximately 1:30 a.m. Deputies went to the scene and found the vehicle. The teen was waiting on the road and stated he had injured a hand and had scratched his chest in the accident. He stated that he and his passenger were not drinking. He was given a breath test and his blood-alcohol level was found to be nearly two times the legal limit at .153. The passenger stated they had been drinking. During tests, THC was found in the driver’s system. He was arrested for DUI, DUI drugs and underage DUI.

One of the biggest concerns for parent is when their child gets his or her driver license and the potential dangers there are on the road. Another worry is the seeming inevitability that juveniles will make mistakes in judgment with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Young people might not consider the potential problems they can face if they are arrested and convicted for these allegations. Not only can it impact driving privileges, lead to jail time and cost money in fines, but it can negatively impact college prospects, getting certain jobs, getting into the military and more. Despite the allegations, there are always alternatives to lodge a defense or perhaps get a plea bargain.

A teen driver flipped his vehicle in a single car crash and was subsequently arrested for DUI. Given the charges he is confronted with, he and his family must remember that he has rights and should lodge a strong juvenile defense. A law firm that has a history and experience in assisting juveniles charged with a wide range of offenses should be called for help immediately.

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