Man faces multiple offenses including DUI and assault

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Prescott Valley residents can often get caught up in difficult circumstances that result in an arrest and the potential for severe penalties, if there is a conviction. Many times, this is related to alcohol. While it is often said that people facing multiple offenses must consider the importance of “protecting one’s future,” it is not something to take lightly. If the drunk driving charges are connected to assault and other allegations, having legal assistance from a law firm that handles many areas of criminal defense is vital to achieving a positive resolution.

For example, recently, a man who was said to be extremely intoxicated was arrested on several charges after a confrontation with law enforcement. The incident began in the mid-afternoon at around 4:30 p.m. Law enforcement was called because of a domestic dispute. When they got to the scene, a 42-year-old man got into a 2006 Audi and drove off. The vehicle was found and officers stopped the man. He allegedly refused to comply and drove away. After pursuing him to a dead-end street, he turned the vehicle and drove at the officers’ vehicle. He avoided one and crashed into a second. He was ordered to get out of his vehicle and refused. Pepper balls were shot into the vehicle. He got out and was hit with a Taser. Officers stated he was under the influence, and he was arrested.

Often, when there is an arrest, the person is confronted with one category of charges whether it is related to DUI, assault, theft and more. In some cases, however, people are facing allegations that cross various lines. This can result in the possibility of significant jail time and fines if there is a conviction. Prosecutors take these crimes seriously when there are claims of a person assaulting law enforcement, and the resulting penalties can be severe.

A law enforcement investigation into a domestic dispute led to a man fleeing while under the influence and crashing into a police cruiser. With the severity of these charges, he must think about how best to confront the possible punishments he will deal with if he is convicted. A law firm that handles DUI charges, assault and more can help.

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