What if I am facing an investigation for voyeurism?

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Seemingly everyone in Arizona has a smartphone and other devices with advanced photo and video-taking abilities. This can lead to the recording and sharing of whatever the person wants to capture and showing it to others in person or online. As with anything else, this can also take a negative turn into illegality. People who are accused of voyeurism can have their personal life upended with a severe damage to reputation and significant legal consequences.

When accused of voyeurism, it is imperative to have help from a law firm that handles sex crimes and any allegation that falls into that category. Invading the privacy of another while they are unaware of it to gain sexual stimulation is considered a violation under this law. Disclosing, displaying, distributing or publishing photos, videos, films or digital recordings is illegal.

A person will have his or her privacy violated in this way in the following instances: the person reasonably expects that he or she will not be subject to photos, videos, films or being recorded or viewed; the person was photographed, filmed, videotaped or digitally recorded or viewed with or without a device. The second part applies to when the person is undressed or partially undressed; while taking part in sexual activity; while the person is using the toilet; or it is in a way that captures – directly or indirectly – the person’s private areas whether he or she is dressed or not and it is not visible to the public.

It is not a violation if it is for security provided there is a clearly posted notice of the devices being present and the recording being done; if it is for security or correction officers as they investigate wrongdoing by those on the grounds of a prison or in jail; if it is part of a law enforcement investigation; or it is a child monitoring device. Violations can be a Class 5 felony or rise to a Class 4 felony if the victim is able to be recognized.

These allegations can be problematic in myriad ways legally and personally. For those who have been charged with voyeurism and are dealing with the potential penalties, it is crucial to seek legal help as soon as possible. Given the stigma with any sex crimes, a law firm that specializes in defending those confronted by these allegations must be called immediately and without hesitation to combat the charges and seek a favorable result.

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