Two men face sex crimes after social media interactions with teen

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People in Prescott Valley frequently use social media for various activities. Some will use it to try and meet people and engage in a relationship. There is nothing wrong with that. However, it can be difficult to know whether the person with whom an individual is communicating is of legal age to do so. This can result in exchanging photos and getting involved in situations that are illegal and can spark criminal charges. Being accused of cybercrime and sexual misconduct can cause major problems in a person’s life and requires a strong legal defense.

Two men, 50 and 19, were arrested for allegations of engaging in sexual conduct with a 16-year-old girl. According to the charges, the men interacted with the girl and shared pornographic images and videos while in a chat room. Law enforcement met with the girl’s mother after this was discovered. Deputies saw the images on her phone as well as the text of the discussion with the men. One of the men had bought her the phone and provided the messaging service. The men were accused of sending her images of themselves and she responded. She claimed that there had not been in-person sexual contact, but other videos insinuated that there was. The men were arrested and charged with various charges related to sexual contact with minors.

Sex crimes are difficult to deal with. Considering the negative connotations that accompany them, those who are convicted will not only face jail time, fines and other penalties, but also a personal and professional problem in the long-term. It can negatively affect getting jobs and follow the person around regardless of what they try to do. In these cases, there will be an aggressive prosecution to secure a conviction. Those confronted with these allegations must have a similarly aggressive defense. This is especially true when the allegations involve an underage victim.

Two men were charged with sex crimes involving a 16-year-old. Given the possible jail time, the damage to reputation and much more, they must seek legal help immediately. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding or there were circumstances that warrant a reduction in the charges or an outright dismissal. As the case moves forward, contacting a sex crimes attorney is critical and should be done without hesitation.

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