Woman accused of delivering meth arrested on drug offenses

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Being charged with drug offenses in Prescott Valley and throughout Arizona carries serious consequences. The type of drugs the person is accused of being involved with will largely dictate how serious the potential penalties are. For example, people who are accused of possessing marijuana for personal use will not be treated as harshly if there is a conviction as those who are accused of manufacturing, selling and distributing a drug like methamphetamine.

A woman, 38, was arrested for allegations that she was delivering methamphetamine in her vehicle. The vehicle, a white Dodge SUV, was stopped by law enforcement because of a basic violation with her registration. Upon investigating, the woman denied a request on the part of law enforcement to search her vehicle. A K9 unit gave an indication that there were drugs in the SUV. Upon searching, law enforcement said they found 2.2 kg (one pound) of methamphetamine. The value of the drug was estimated to be $9,000.

When a person is arrested on drug charges, they will frequently be frightened, intimidated and concerned about the future. Since the state is so serious about trying to put a stop to illegal drug transactions and use, it will do whatever it can to find those who are involved in the drug business and arrest them. That includes traffic stops. However, if the basis of the stop can be called into question, it can be beneficial to securing an acquittal. It might be possible to reduce the charges via negotiation. Those who are facing these allegations must remain calm and seek legal help.

A woman was placed under arrest for assertions that she was selling methamphetamine from her vehicle. The amount that was found and its significant value make these major allegations that can result in substantial penalties should she be convicted. To avoid the worst-case scenario, she should strongly consider discussing the case with a lawyer who is experienced in providing a defense against drug charges.

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