Arizona teenagers face allegations of vandalism at school

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It is unavoidable that Arizona teens will get into mischief. Some of it is harmless. However, there are times when their behavior is against the law and they will face arrest for allegations of having committed juvenile crimes. Although they might not be under the impression that a crime such as vandalism is serious, it can have a negative impact on their lives and must be met with a strong defense to seek an acceptable resolution. For this, having legal assistance is a must.

Two teens were arrested on vandalism charges. According to the investigation, the 15-year-olds entered a school at approximately 4 p.m. and went into a classroom. The room had extensive damage when law enforcement saw what had happened. Glass had been broken, there was a fire in a garbage can, a fire extinguisher was used, and drawings of an explicit nature were on the whiteboard. A name was written as well and there was an attempt to erase it. Upon reading the name, the officers investigated the teen.

The amount of damage was approximated at around $1,500. It could end up being higher once it is fully calculated and assessed. There was another room in the school that also had damage due to the use of a fire extinguisher. There were footprints in the residue. Law enforcement found the boy whose name was on the whiteboard. There were remnants from the fire extinguisher on his shoe. The boys were placed under arrest and each implicated the other. The investigation is ongoing.

Most parents and even law enforcement will understand that children will occasionally make mistakes and get into trouble. When it reaches the level of significant property damage and there is an arrest is when it can become a serious problem. Regardless of the accusations, a juvenile’s future can be harmed if there is a conviction for juvenile crimes. It can lead to incarceration, fines, a poor perception when seeking a job, trying to be admitted to college, or entering the military. Having legal assistance to defend against the charges is imperative to avoid the worst possible consequences. A law firm that has experience in helping clients with juvenile defense should be called for advice and guidance.

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