Obtaining a set-aside could forever change one’s life

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Set Asides | 0 comments

Many times, a person in Arizona who was convicted of a crime and has served their sentence may find that their criminal record is making it difficult for them to find housing and employment, as well as affecting other rights they may have. This is because the person’s arrest is showing up when landlords, employers and others perform a background check on the person. Therefore, Arizonans in such situations may wish to have their convictions “set-aside.”

A set-aside is not exactly the same as having a criminal record expunged, as it would be in other states. A set-aside does not erase the arrest entirely. Instead, the criminal record will note that there wasn’t a conviction.

Keep in mind that a set-aside cannot be obtained if a person is convicted of certain crimes. For example, convictions of sex crimes, convictions of dangerous crimes and crimes wherein the victim was age 15 or younger cannot be set-aside. So, it is important that those seeking a set-aside understand whether or not it is an option for them.

Fortunately, legal help is available to those who want their criminal record set aside. At the law firm of Craig Williams Attorney at Law, we understand how a set-aside can give a person their life back. We believe that past mistakes should not ruin a person’s life forever. However, obtaining a set-aside is not necessarily something a person should try to handle on their own. With so much on the line, those seeking a set-aside will want to seek the professional guidance they need to obtain their goals.

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