Arizona teen arrested after alleged dress code violation

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Juvenile Defense | 0 comments

School has started up for many across Arizona. While there are school rules to be followed, most students usually abide by them. However, one Arizona teenager was placed under arrest for reportedly violating his school’s dress code and becoming disruptive. Specifically, the teen would not take off a blue bandana he was wearing.

The incident began when a teacher asked the teen to remove his bandana. The teen refused to do, stating he always wore a bandana and it did not cause any issues thus far. The teacher then threatened to notify the police. After lunch, an officer stopped the teen and told the teen bandanas were prohibited in the school. The police claimed the teen was disruptive, and that is why they took him into custody.

The arrest was captured on some students’ smartphones, and one recording of the arrest has since gone viral. The teen, along with three other students, has been referred to the Pinal County Juvenile Courts. The actual school policy does not specifically prohibit the wearing of bandanas. Some of the teen’s peers believe the teen’s arrest was motivated by race.

How this teen’s case will play out remains to be seen. But, when it comes to allegations of criminal activity, even juveniles have the right to due process and are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. While juvenile court differs in some ways from adult court, in either case there may be defense options available to the accused that can help them counter the charges they face. Doing so is very important if they are to clear their name and preserve their future.

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