Alcohol-related laws in Arizona go beyond just drunk driving

by | Dec 15, 2017 | DUI Charges | 0 comments

Most people in Arizona are aware that driving while intoxicated it against the law. The dangers of such acts are well-documented, and most Arizonans avoid drunk driving. However, what they may not be aware of is that there are laws regarding having alcohol in one’s vehicle, which could lead to criminal charges, even if the driver is not drunk.

Of course, under Arizona Statutes section 4-251, it is unlawful for a driver to consume liquor while driving. However, it is also unlawful for passengers in the vehicle to consume liquor while in the vehicle. Moreover, it is against the law in Arizona for motorists to have liquor in an open container in their vehicle, even if it is in the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

While Arizonans may understand why drunk driving is against the law, as it poses a danger to the public, it may seem unfair that simply having an open container that one is not drinking could lead to criminal charges. However, that is the law in the state and police will enforce it when necessary.

For this reason, if a person is accused of drunk driving or is accused of violating open container laws, that person is going to want to fight these charges. The consequences of being convicted of a crime involving alcohol can have a major effect on a person’s life. Depending on the circumstances of a person’s case, a conviction could mean a significant fine or even the suspension of one’s driver’s license. As driving is pretty much a necessity in Arizona, people will want to do everything they can to avoid these consequences at all costs. Therefore, it may help to seek the assistance of an attorney, who can explain how the law applies in the accused’s situation so that the accused can counter the DUI charges they face.

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