Sex crime charges dropped against ex University of Arizona dean

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Being accused of rape can be incredibly damaging on a personal and professional level. Due to the serious nature of the crime, it is of the utmost importance that the accused’s constitutional rights are upheld every step of the way.

A former pharmacy dean for the University of Arizona who was accused of committing rape has had the charges against him dropped. The accused had, since being charged with the crime two years ago, always insisted that he was innocent. Now, the charges against him have been dropped after it was deemed to be doubtful that the prosecution could convict the man. The man’s attorneys have also argued that area police were biased in favor of the woman who claimed she was raped.

The 67-year-old man was facing multiple charges of sex crimes after reportedly drugging the woman with prescription strength sleep medicine. Some of the charges he faced included sexual assault and kidnapping, among others.

Ultimately, however, the Maricopa County Attorney stated that, given new information that he received, it was unlikely that guilt could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The new information was disclosed in a civil case based on the same facts. In the woman’s testimony, she claimed that the man used to be a business contact and that she did not have a sexual relationship with him. The woman had claimed under questioning that she spent a weekend in the man’s home in 2011.

However, when placed under oath, she stated that she was not at the man’s residence that weekend and was, in fact, alone. Moreover, significant evidence had been filed in the civil suit that pointed towards an indication that the woman and man intended to stay at his home that weekend. This evidence included email and cellphone records, along with plane tickets. According to the man’s defense attorney, the woman and man were lovers, and she had consented to the sexual acts at issue.

The case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning the case could be refiled if sufficient evidence came forth that would allow the prosecution to reassess whether or not it could convict the man beyond a reasonable doubt. However, this case is a victory for this man, who was accused of a heinous crime that he did not commit. People in similar situations may want to take the steps they deem necessary to defend their innocence.

Source: Tucson.com, “Criminal charges dropped, civil case continues, against ex-UA pharmacy dean,” Carol Ann Alaimo, Oct. 4, 2017

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