Eight men arrested in Arizona drug sting

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Police and prosecutors in Arizona will not hesitate to take every possible effort to apprehend those they accuse of committing drug crimes. This was the case in one recent arrest that took place in Lea County, Arizona.

Eight men have been arrested after being accused of running a drug sales operation in which they would import cocaine and methamphetamine from Mexico to Arizona. The men have been charged with conspiracy to intentionally launder money, possession and intent to distribute meth and cocaine, and aiding and abetting.

Through the investigation, which began in November 2016, police found what has been alleged to be almost 29 pounds of meth and just over two-and-a-half pounds of cocaine. The drugs were seized in February via a traffic stop. $14,000 was also seized. The investigation ended after police obtained warrants to search three homes in Arizona. They recovered what is alleged to be over half a pound of cocaine, a firearm and $5,000.

The men in this case are facing a possible sentence of 10 years or more incarceration and fines that could be as much as $10 million for the conspiracy charges. The charges of money laundering could result in a possible sentence of 20 years incarceration and a fine of $500,000. The meth possession and distribution charges could result in a possible sentence of five to 40 years in prison and a fine of $5 million.

As this shows, the penalties associated with drug charges are very serious. They could have a life-long negative impact on a person’s life. A criminal defense attorney can help defendants in drug cases develop a solid defense strategy, and can represent them throughout the criminal trial process.

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